winterberry's (real ones)

Winterberry clothing started with a question: where do our clothes come from? The more I thought about it the less I was satisfied. From the ethical issues that plague outsourced clothing, to the reality that a majority of the clothes we wear are designed to fall apart quickly, so they can be replaced by a newer and hotter trend, and the issue that most people don't fit into the "fashion mould" that is presented by the average retailer. Winterberry is my response to this, it's the desire to get back to the basics: to create art and fashion, to connect with every single garment and see it as artistic and stylistic expression, to know exactly what goes into what we make, and to be proud of where they came came from and the story they have to tell.

Just like the stubborn red berries that bring life in the dead of winter, I refuse to do what others around me do - life is not about the latest trends and we are not sample size people. Winterberry clothing exists to bring art and personal expression back into fashion, to focus on quality, not quantity, and to say "this is my style," not "this is on trend." To choose to be our wonderful, glorious, crazy selves instead of trying to be what others have dictated we should be.

At the moment, Winterberry is my place of expression, a forum for me to share the crafts and cooking experiments that make up a life, but soon we will be moving into design production, and once I am satisfied with the products that I create I fully intend to share them with you all.