Annnddd... We're live!

So... it's a start. 

A small collection on Etsy, which WILL be expanded and made into something more. But IT'S A START! 

I started something. 

And so far, it's the starting that's been the hardest. 

For the sake of being completely honest on this blog I feel that I do have to be somewhat vulnerable here. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. 

Why? Because, what right do I have to even attempt to start a business? And a blog? What do I have to say? 

Even though it's something I'm passionate about, even though it's something that I'm almost always thinking about - I'm still so often crippled with doubt. I've done more research than anyone should about how entrepreneurs thinks, what their personalities are, what they do with their time. I've tried to change myself to match the "6 things Entrepreneurs Do" and the "10 Habits of Successful People" (Watching Netflix and TV are not on the list, sad to say) . I did all the research, but when I met and spoke with entrepreneurs, I began to realize that they don't really fit the moulds the internet has them in. In fact, they're all just people, they have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. They probably do watch Netflix occasionally, on the rare occasions that they have time (gasp!). So what's the difference between me and them? I'm not totally sure, but taking a dream and starting something out of it did come to mind. That's when I did research on how to become a self-starter - here's a tip, don't. It's garbage, I didn't find a single useful resource, all of them were just a bit obvious. I just hadn't done any of the things they said because... duh, I wasn't a self starter. 

 I decided enough was enough, I gave myself 30 days, and got a friend involved. I decided that by March 1st I would have 5 designs on Etsy. That's half their recommendation for starting a shop, but for me it wasn't about getting out of the gate strong, it was that there was so much fear and angst about getting out of the gate AT ALL, that I knew if I tried to start big I would just keep putting it off forever. 

So I did it. I kept it small but I DID IT. I started my little shop, despite fear and uncertainty, despite the fact that I don't know what right I have to start a business or believe that my dreams can actually become reality. I've kind of acknowledged that I won't know until I try. That walking on water starts with stepping out of the boat, some questions just can't be answered until a risk has been taken, so I stopped trying to answer them, and decided to take a risk. 

What can I say about Winterberry? Right now it's a small shop on Etsy, but it has lots of heart. 

We're dedicated to making ethically produced clothing accessible to all people. We're passionate about people being able to find their own style, instead of mindlessly following trends. We love inner beauty and creative expression. We love quality fabrics and clothes that aren't designed to fall apart in the wash. We love comfy/cute, and think you should to, because we're real people - we get tired and we have lazy days, we get creative and have super productive days. There are days that we clean our houses and days we don't (well, days I don't, I think Megan keeps a tight ship). 

And we're live. 

Let me know what you think about my shop! If you subscribe to my blog you can have 20% off a purchase, and as always, you know I love custom! It's one thing to design clothes that I want to wear, but it's a totally different challenge to design clothes for others.