What I've been up to

Hey internet, It's been a while! How are you doing? 

That's great. Me? Oh, I've been pretty busy lately (sorry we haven't talked in a while). 

Though I have been mostly focused on getting wedding planning and projects done, I've also been working on getting a collection ready for this Spring! Super exciting. 


What mostly wedding stuff you ask? Great question! 

As a designer extraordinaire I felt it was both fun and necessary to make my own wedding dress! 

That's the general idea of what it looks like, I'll go into more detail about my wedding dress adventures after my wedding. Currently *mostly* completed, just a lot of hand sewing lace. 


I've also used my own tutorial for the "convertible dress" to make my bridesmaid dresses (all of which are already out of my possession, so no pics till after the wedding). I love the idea of convertible dresses for bridesmaids because they're affordable, cute, easy to size and fit (stretchy), comfortable, and can be worn as many different ways as you have maids (unless you have like ten or something crazy). 

Something else I've made for the bridesmaids- that I do have in my possession- is clutch purses they'll be carrying instead of bouquets. 

I love this idea for several reasons, first off they're much longer lasting than a bouquet and much more practical, allowing for the bridesmaids to carry things at a wedding (what!?!), secondly, adorable, and thirdly if you're willing and wanting to put the work into making them they're really very affordable, I made 5 clutches and only needed to buy half a yard of the self fabric and half a yard of the lining... which by the way is almost my favourite part... 

So adorable and affordable! Yay! This absolutely adorable clutch pattern can be found here: http://www.elmstreetlife.com/2012/02/diy-bow-clutch-sewing-tutorial.html, thanks other bloggers for being awesome! 

Those are the complete (and almost complete) wedding adventures so far. I'm sure I'll have many more to write about in the future as well! The more I think about it the more there is to do! 


I'll admit it, the wedding's been on my mind lately, and occupying most of my crafty, artsy adventure times, but other exciting news is the collection that I've been working on! Hoping to have that out ASAP for people to see and purchase things from! 

Want to see how legit my design process is? Check out these incredible drawings! 

I like to think of this totally legit design process as "organized chaos" or "the earth was formless and void..." - though being totally honest, I pretty much design things once they start to become three dimensional. I find that working with the fabric and the pattern is really where I make important design decisions, and things are able to evolve. 

So yeah, that's what I've been up to! Hope everyone is having a great February and will have a great March soon!