Megan's Dress

Meet Megan: 
She likes cats, Jane Austen (who doesn't), the city of Edmonton, and shopping sustainably and ethically - either by finding amazing thrift store treasures or making very conscious consumer choices.  So when it came to getting the perfect summer party dress for a friends wedding, she asked me to make one for her. 

One of Megan's passions when it comes to fashion is the desire to go with all natural materials, so not only was this dress ethically made, it is 100% silk with a 100% cotton lining! Very cool and breathable for a hot summer wedding day. 

She really likes the ruched/wrapping style, which I was happy to create for her on the bodice and sleeves of the dress. 

Here's a better look at the dress once it was totally done. 

Super fun, flowy, girly summer dress for a great day and a great wedding, I probably had more fun making it than Megan had wearing it! 

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