Melody's Wedding dress

It is both incredibly exciting and totally nerve wracking to make a wedding dress. 

Especially when it's your first wedding dress. Ever. 

Thankfully, when your first bride (ever) that you're making your first wedding dress (ever) is as friendly and easy going as Melody, it's so much fun! 

We had lots of fun picking fabrics and coming up a design that she liked. 

It's a sheath dress with a lace overlay. It has an illusion neckline with a keyhole back. 


My favourite detail in this build was a little "Easter Egg" addition, the wedding date is embroidered into the side, adding an adorable personal touch. 

If you look really closely, you can see it! 

So there it is, hope you all like my first (ever) wedding dress! It was an awesome experience for me, being part of someone's big day is always wonderful.